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Cognac XO Merlet

The Secret Treasures Cognac XO Merlet 0,2L 45,5% alc. vol

The world is full of “secret treasures”of all kinds awaiting discovery. Sleeping beauties in old cellars, produced in small quantities, by domain far from the main roads. These are pearls which, under the name of the The Secret Treasures┬«, we now present to our eager customers. This “treasure”was discovered in the province of Charente, in the heart of the Cognac region in France. The Distillerie Merlet, founded in 1850, opened its cellars to present this The Secret Treasures XO Cognac edition. Merlet Cognac impresses with ist fruity character, its varieties of aromas. For this “The Secret Treasure” edition Gilles Merlet and his sons created a Premium Blend of the highest quality. Cognacs ageing up to 22 years in de cellars of Saint Sauvant, unite with fresh, and younger Cognacs, still over 10 years old, resulting in a wonderful “XO Cognac”edition.