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The Secret Treasures Ginsane Dry Gin 0,7L 45%

The Secreat Treasures is a well-known and popular independent bottler. The Secret Treasures main aim is to constantly search for new products in the Whisky, Rum, Cognac, Brandy and Gin segments; unknown barrels, rare spirits, forgotten bottlings – simply “Secret Treasures”!
TST’s latest creation called Ginsane is presented in a completely new design. Juniper, the main ingredient, is embraced by a traditional composition of botanicals such as coriander, cardamom, citrus peel, black peppercorns, angelica root and licorice. Its taste profile is complex, yet classical, just like a London Dry Gin should be: Dominating juniper taste, supported and caressed by a delicate bitter sweetness, fresh citrus notes and slightly sharp spicy notes. TST Ginsane is perfectly suited as an ingredient, also as an inspiration to create individual Gin & Tonics or Cocktails.


The Secret Treasures Gin Ocean and Vulcano 0,2L/0,7L 45,5% alc./vol.

During restoration work in an ancient monastery, situated between the sea and a volcano, documents for making herbal tinctures and elixirs containing alcohol were found. This monastery garden must have been a real treasure – trees full of lemons, tangerines and herbs and spices such as wormwood and coriander. Inspired by the long-time undiscovered recipes and a love for Africa, a Gin was created which, apart from juniper and the “monastery ingredients”, also contains pink grapefruit and the fruit of the elephant tree, marula. They still exist, these secret treasures waiting to be discovered. Discover Botanical Garden – the Gin “between Ocean & Vulcano” from The Secret Treasures. Perfect as an ingredient in a variety of Cocktails, in a Gin & Tonic served with a grapefruit zest, or enjoy this Gin “on the rocks” – pure enjoyment.


The Secret Treasures Gin “Old Tom Style” 0,2L/0,7L 40%

Part of the “Secret Treasures” collection, a selection of premium spirits, this gin was produced by master distiller Hubertus Vallendar in Kail, Germany using juniper berries from the Apennines and a double-distillation process. This is a limited edition and the Gin was nominated as “spirit of the year” at the Bar Convent 2007. This gin has only a faint sweetness on the nose, and a fair amount of juniper. In the mouth you are hit with a fairly intense juniper flavour, as well as a mild burn, which subsides in to a long juniper led finish, along with a mild fruitiness and a faint cardamom note.




The Secret Treasures London Dry Gin 0,2L/ 0,7L, 41,2 % alc./vol.

The independent bottler, The Secret Treasures, always surprises with rare treasures such as old Rums, Malt Whiskys and Vintage Cognacs, produced in small distilleries for the true connoisseur. The latest addition to their series is “The Secret Treasures London Dry Gin”, which builds a bridge between German distillation technology and English tradition. This exciting classical Gin, developed in a small Copper Pot Still, convinces in the nose with floral notes, subtle citrus notes, a rich juniper structure and hints of lavender fragrance. On the palate well balanced with a full body and a pleasant structure, with a unique taste of flowering fields and lavender. This TST London Dry Gin is wonderful for pure enjoyment, enriching every home bar and works great in classical Longdrinks.