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About us

THE SECRET TREASURES is a well-known and popular independent bottler. THE SECRET TREASURES main aim is to constantly search for new products in the Whisky, Rum, Cognac, Brandy and Gin segments; unknown barrels, rare spirits, forgotten bottlings – simply


Each barrel is carefully tasted and selected so that only real treasures are “discovered”.
All products are numbered and are strictly limited Single Barrel bottlings with a unique character, and count as being among the best of their kind. The bottles have a simple, but very elegant design with high brand recognition value. The labels provide detailed information on the particular bottle contents.

* Only the top products of each kind
* A close and long-term working relationship with producers
* Processing products in a natural way
* Every product is sufficiently aged
* None of the products are filtered
* Every product is 100% natural
* No addition of artificial additives
* No allergenic materials, no artificial colors.

Each THE SECRET TREASURES product keeps its promise of quality!